Omen Days Retreat

Save the dates! Registration will open October 21st.

This retreat for experienced TIAVY (Trauma Informed Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga) students will take place at our home studio in Denver at the end of the year during the Omen Days from the Winter Solstice through the beginning of the New Year (December 21, 2019-January 1, 2020), a time considered by many cultures to be especially potent for doing inner work and setting the tone for the year to come.

The daily schedule will feature time for kriya, asana, pranayama, meditation, chanting, creative/expressive art and movement practices as well as shamanic journeying and divination. There will be free time each afternoon for nature walks with Jiyu, drawing and journaling, doing restoratives using our extensive prop collection, and optional add-ons like IR sauna sessions. You may also choose to add on a juicing and/or kitchari cleanse package for turbo detox and renewal.

The bulk of the retreat will be held in noble silence. For our purposes this means allowing ourselves to get away from talking about our usual concerns and identities and speaking only when necessary. (To whatever degree possible, you are encouraged to take a break from electronic communications as well.) Through guided group and partner activities we will create space to feel seen, heard and thoroughly appreciated for the star beings we truly are.

Jen-Mitsuke will be leading all of the activities and also practicing and retreating along with you. She will teach TIAVY self-practice on Sundays and Wednesdays during this period (4x), practicing yoga alongside you on other days. You must therefore be familiar with “Mysore-style” classes and be confident in your own practice, as group yoga instruction will not be offered. Shamanic journeying, expressive practices and group processes will be thoroughly explained, so no prior experience with those is needed. Please contact Jen with any questions.

Locals may commute daily, and for those from out of town, we may be able to offer you a couple of competitively-priced options for staying here with us. These accommodations afford varying degrees of privacy and comfort, and all involve a shared bathroom. Please inquire if interested.