KEEP CALM & CARRY corONavirus!


The time to take action is NOW and it is up to each one of us individually to implement social distancing as well as other hygienic precautions in order to slow the spread of this virus. Contrary to the advice of many politicians and spiritual leaders, buying TP and hoping for the best and breathing to relieve anxiety will not be enough.

The USA is quite unprepared and in denial. We have not amassed enough supplies to care for the people who will very quickly become sick if we all continue to go around carrying and spreading the virus. There is at this point no way to avoid an epidemic, but we can alter the course of it and increase our vulnerable loved ones’ chances of survival.

The virus is highly contagious days before symptoms are present, and for every confirmed case, there are many more not diagnosed, as data from China, Italy and other countries clearly show (see link below). Even if you feel confident that you can kick the virus, you may be spreading it to people who will not have that capacity, though you may be feeling just fine.

In such times it is difficult to figure out what to believe. Please read and carefully consider the following very informative article and the links it contains in order to make a more informed choice for yourself about this rather dramatic point in history. While it is true that panic will get us nowhere, we need to take responsibility and stay home, and meet up and party after we have all successfully survived! Better to be safe than sorry and/or dead…

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