Zoom Talk Tomorrow! Attachment & Non-Attachment


Pre-registration is required, even for the replay! 😉

This free talk with Jen-Mitsuke Peters, MA will delve into “attachment,” a super-charged word in both spiritual and psychological contexts. Yoga scriptures tout non-attachment as the necessary attitude to end suffering. Psychology, on the other hand, insists that we must work on attachment in order to heal trauma and thrive.  

We will discuss how misinterpretations of non-attachment, modern yoga teaching formats & western cultural tendencies can lead to ineffective or even injurious practice and spiritual bypassing, resulting in mental afflictions & bodily disease, and perpetuating exclusive and disempowering patriarchal systems.  

We will also uncover current evidence-based attachment repair interventions that can be woven into daily life on and off the mat. We will compare these to methods developed long ago in tantric lineages. Upon closer examination, maybe the 2 camps are not so different after all! Nonetheless we must still increase our tolerance for paradox in order to show up fully in these times when our best selves are especially needed.  

Jen will be taking questions and encouraging participation. A recording will be available within 24 hours for those who cannot attend live. Looking forward to seeing you!

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