Zoom Talk & Meditation for Resilience


Pre-registration is required, even for the replay!

This free talk with Jen-Mitsuke Peters, MA will discuss how sometimes just sitting & doing a typical mindfulness practice is not enough, especially when stress, trauma, grief, injury and illness are present. Through her own research & personal healing experiences, Jen discovered ways to make her time on the cushion far more enjoyable and effective.  

She will share some of her favorite secrets and cite evidence to suggest that such practices may actually help lighten our trauma load and induce changes in the brain that help us to feel much better & show up more fully. She will mention some of the scientific studies and recommendations of trauma therapists that correspond to the skills that will be elaborated.  

Jen will be taking questions and encouraging your participation. Time allowing we will practice a 15-minute 3-part meditation together. A recording will be available within 24 hours for those who cannot attend live. Pre-registration required, even for the replay only. Looking forward to seeing you!

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