BYO Practice Circle is back!


🙃 Bring-Your-Own Practice Circle 😌

🌎 Where:  

Everywhere! Zoom — Live.JunglePhysician.Online (LIVE ONLY, never recorded)


Thursday July 15 — Sunday September 5, 2021

Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays

6:00am-9:45am MDT (Denver, CO)

🦉 Who:

We are an interdisciplinary-minded and diverse group of spiritual practitioners of all levels committed to healing and thriving.

🤔 What:

We gather together in a shared energetically charged and protected space to do the practices that nourish and support us in showing up fully as our truest selves with all of our unique strengths and limitations.

💫 Why:

We appreciate the tremendous power of uniting with our soul tribe and holding each other accountable for walking our individual soul paths rain or shine.  We know that we are needed in this world and can benefit countless beings by making the most of this precious life.

🧐 How (the Details):

  • 6:00 — Space Clearing, Ceremony, Chanting
  • 6:15(ish) — Meditation
  • 6:45(ish) — Greetings & Ashtanga Invocations
  • 6:50(ish) — BYO Practice
  • 9:40am — Ashtanga Closing Chant & À Bientôt’s

Jen will be teaching TIAVY “Mysore” on certain Sundays but priority signup will be given to Fundamentals PLUS students through Labor Day. There may be space to join for BYO members at an additional charge.

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