TIAVY Fundamentals Training


The first 12 people to sign up by July 18th will get $30 off Fundamentals or Fundamentals PLUS!

Open to investigating how ancient wisdom 🗿 + modern science 🧬 can help you live your best life 🏆?

In this 20-hour Trauma Informed Ashtanga Vinyasa Training for all levels, we will delve deeply into the pillars of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system (breathing, energetic locks, gazing, posture, meditative absorption, etc.) as well as key findings from neuroscientists and trauma therapists about how we can unleash our inner capacity for healing and thriving.

In addition to live zoom theory classes and breath and posture workshops, pre-recorded carefully sequenced and curated meditation and yoga videos will also be included.  As a bonus, students are included in the BYO (bring-your-own) Practice Circle and upgrades (limited to 16 students) include TIAVY “Mysore” supervision with Jen as well as all-access passes to her led drop-in classes and their recordings.

This course is a real passion of mine, since in my 18 years of teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa all over the world, I have found that students are not receiving the detailed instruction that would lead to far greater mastery, health, happiness and sustainability.  I will share tips that I end up giving individually to all of my “Mysore” (self-practice) students, even those who are very advanced, that could make a drastic difference in one’s practice from the very beginning and forever more…

Enroll now to jump into BYO and the training starts July 27th!  Sign up for our grand opening FREE workshops for store credits and come LIVE to the workshops for a chance to win even more coupons!  Read more about the training and sign up on Live.JunglePhysician.Online (link in bio). Can’t wait to see you!

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