BYO Practice Circle is back!


🙃 Bring-Your-Own Practice Circle 😌

🌎 Where:  

Everywhere! Zoom — Live.JunglePhysician.Online (LIVE ONLY, never recorded)


Thursday July 15 — Sunday September 5, 2021

Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays

6:00am-9:45am MDT (Denver, CO)

🦉 Who:

We are an interdisciplinary-minded and diverse group of spiritual practitioners of all levels committed to healing and thriving.

🤔 What:

We gather together in a shared energetically charged and protected space to do the practices that nourish and support us in showing up fully as our truest selves with all of our unique strengths and limitations.

💫 Why:

We appreciate the tremendous power of uniting with our soul tribe and holding each other accountable for walking our individual soul paths rain or shine.  We know that we are needed in this world and can benefit countless beings by making the most of this precious life.

🧐 How (the Details):

  • 6:00 — Space Clearing, Ceremony, Chanting
  • 6:15(ish) — Meditation
  • 6:45(ish) — Greetings & Ashtanga Invocations
  • 6:50(ish) — BYO Practice
  • 9:40am — Ashtanga Closing Chant & À Bientôt’s

Jen will be teaching TIAVY “Mysore” on certain Sundays but priority signup will be given to Fundamentals PLUS students through Labor Day. There may be space to join for BYO members at an additional charge.

Jungle Physician Online Opening Celebrations & Giveaways


All those who register for either workshop will receive a coupon for $18 to use for a free live drop-in class pass or towards another purchase in our shop on or before July 31st.

As a REWARD to those students SHOWING UP LIVE to this event and/or EZ Ashtanga Balance 3 lucky winners will additionally receive a $25, $50, or $75 coupon to be used in our shop within the next 60 days! The drawing will take place on Sunday the 25th and winners will be notified.

✨ Power Animal Partay (Friday, July 23rd, 6-8pm MDT) will be a delightful interactive shamanic journeying workshop. If you have not yet found your spirit guides, you can plan on meeting them here! We’ll talk some theory and technique, dive into ceremony and go on 2 journeys, do some soul sharing and perhaps end with a little dance partay. Then you can use your skills to join us in our upcoming Creative Bustout drop-in classes or Yoga & the 4 Directions Immersion (August 24-27)!

🤸🏽‍♂️EZ Ashtanga Balance (Sunday, July 25th, 10-noon MDT) — We’ll look into what makes balancing postures and inversions both so tricky and potentially rewarding. Approachable variations to some of the usual suspects (handstand, pincha mayurasana, utthita hasta padangusthasana and bakasana will be offered and Jen will take requests from those present time permitting.  Then join us for EZ Ashtanga 1/2 Series on Mondays or On-Demand!

Looking forward to celebrating with you!

TIAVY Fundamentals Training


The first 12 people to sign up by July 18th will get $30 off Fundamentals or Fundamentals PLUS!

Open to investigating how ancient wisdom 🗿 + modern science 🧬 can help you live your best life 🏆?

In this 20-hour Trauma Informed Ashtanga Vinyasa Training for all levels, we will delve deeply into the pillars of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system (breathing, energetic locks, gazing, posture, meditative absorption, etc.) as well as key findings from neuroscientists and trauma therapists about how we can unleash our inner capacity for healing and thriving.

In addition to live zoom theory classes and breath and posture workshops, pre-recorded carefully sequenced and curated meditation and yoga videos will also be included.  As a bonus, students are included in the BYO (bring-your-own) Practice Circle and upgrades (limited to 16 students) include TIAVY “Mysore” supervision with Jen as well as all-access passes to her led drop-in classes and their recordings.

This course is a real passion of mine, since in my 18 years of teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa all over the world, I have found that students are not receiving the detailed instruction that would lead to far greater mastery, health, happiness and sustainability.  I will share tips that I end up giving individually to all of my “Mysore” (self-practice) students, even those who are very advanced, that could make a drastic difference in one’s practice from the very beginning and forever more…

Enroll now to jump into BYO and the training starts July 27th!  Sign up for our grand opening FREE workshops for store credits and come LIVE to the workshops for a chance to win even more coupons!  Read more about the training and sign up on Live.JunglePhysician.Online (link in bio). Can’t wait to see you!



After about a year’s pause, our morning sadhana program has found a new home at our new studio JUNGLE PHYSICIAN ONLINE!

Starting Monday April 5th, 2021, we will offer daily Self-Practice Circle from 6:15-9:00am Mountain Daylight Time. Jen will lead a 25-minute meditation and everybody will then do their own most nourishing practices: in addition to ashtangis, we welcome different lineages as well as working on journaling, kriya, pranayama, restoratives, therapeutics etc. As an introductory special, Jen will teach TIAVY “Mysore” 3 Sundays this month included with the membership. (And we’ll be adding additional courses and classes in May…)

Zoom Talk & Meditation for Resilience


Pre-registration is required, even for the replay!

This free talk with Jen-Mitsuke Peters, MA will discuss how sometimes just sitting & doing a typical mindfulness practice is not enough, especially when stress, trauma, grief, injury and illness are present. Through her own research & personal healing experiences, Jen discovered ways to make her time on the cushion far more enjoyable and effective.  

She will share some of her favorite secrets and cite evidence to suggest that such practices may actually help lighten our trauma load and induce changes in the brain that help us to feel much better & show up more fully. She will mention some of the scientific studies and recommendations of trauma therapists that correspond to the skills that will be elaborated.  

Jen will be taking questions and encouraging your participation. Time allowing we will practice a 15-minute 3-part meditation together. A recording will be available within 24 hours for those who cannot attend live. Pre-registration required, even for the replay only. Looking forward to seeing you!

New Online Course: Early Bird Ends 11/08


SUPER Early Bird Special through Sunday Nov. 8th — Save $50

  • Are you looking for some potent and doable ways to powerfully alter your perspective on yourself and reality? Are you interested in looking more closely at the Bhagavad Gita and discovering how neuroscience can enhance your life?
  • Feeling stressed or overwhelmed?  Wanting to funnel the anxiety and polarization of these times into action and prepare yourself to launch 2021 in your best possible condition?
  • Tired of having people tell you the answer is practice and self-care when you aren’t sure those things are really working and you don’t have the time or energy to just keep doing more of them?
  • Do you have a sense that the yoga path contains great wisdom, but you’re wondering whether you really have to practice for thousands of lifetimes before it is possible to feel ok and show up as yourself?
  • Have you been writing off pleasure, connection, fun and success in your life in favor of joyless spiritual pursuits?  Have your practices become a chore? Want to fall in love with your practice again?

This unique course will usher you out of 2020 (bye!) and into 2021 (yay!) with love, strength, insight and support. We will marry the ancient wisdom of non-attachment in one of the most beloved scriptures of all time with the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience and attachment-based techniques proven to resolve trauma. Join me to engage with nourishing, fulfilling and meaningful practices, including special meditation, shamanic journeying and creativity, that will reorient you towards a new year filled with celebration and infinite possibility.

Zoom Talk Tomorrow! Attachment & Non-Attachment


Pre-registration is required, even for the replay! 😉

This free talk with Jen-Mitsuke Peters, MA will delve into “attachment,” a super-charged word in both spiritual and psychological contexts. Yoga scriptures tout non-attachment as the necessary attitude to end suffering. Psychology, on the other hand, insists that we must work on attachment in order to heal trauma and thrive.  

We will discuss how misinterpretations of non-attachment, modern yoga teaching formats & western cultural tendencies can lead to ineffective or even injurious practice and spiritual bypassing, resulting in mental afflictions & bodily disease, and perpetuating exclusive and disempowering patriarchal systems.  

We will also uncover current evidence-based attachment repair interventions that can be woven into daily life on and off the mat. We will compare these to methods developed long ago in tantric lineages. Upon closer examination, maybe the 2 camps are not so different after all! Nonetheless we must still increase our tolerance for paradox in order to show up fully in these times when our best selves are especially needed.  

Jen will be taking questions and encouraging participation. A recording will be available within 24 hours for those who cannot attend live. Looking forward to seeing you!

Daring Greatly because Black Lives Matter


Talk & Discussion with Jen-Mitsuke Peters, MA
Saturday, June 13, 2020
8am–L.A.  9am–DENVER!  11am–N.Y.C.

Recording available for 24 hours if you can’t make it live!

Investment: Optional Donation to the organization you feel is doing the most now for the BIPOC community

In this 75-90-minute gathering, Jen will give a brief talk on Brene Brown’s book “Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead” and share some initial thoughts on how vulnerability can be practiced on the mat.  We will then expand on these ideas in the group.

No preparation is required, however, you might like to read the book or check out Brene’s Netflix special “Call to Courage.”  You might like to contemplate times in your life where vulnerability opened you up for special connection and action that you didn’t feel was possible for you ever before.

This will be a space where participants are invited to be as vulnerable as feels right for them.  This will be a space where we don’t have to show up having all the answers, being perfect, or expecting to say all the right things.  This will be a space for growth and inspiration so that we can each cultivate the courage to find the depths of our personhood.  From such a place the most skillful action arises.

If you would like to delve much deeper into this material in June, my new course Home Practice BLAST-OFF! will go into great detail about the nervous system, yoga technique, and how the practice can help us tune up and stay regulated to be our best self in this time of global crisis and opportunity. The course starts Tuesday, June 9th, and early bird ends Monday at noon.

New Course: Home Practice BLAST-OFF! now open


I’m thrilled to be offering a new set of courses this summer. A 2nd course starting in July will build on this one. Hope you can join!

In this 6-session theory & practice course June 9-26, 2020, you will learn the science to transform your life both on & off the mat. We will clarify key yoga scriptures, implement classic deity visualizations, and practice essential vinyasa techniques using a nervous-system-savvy lens. By listening deeply to the body-heart-mind through both eastern and western healing perspectives, priorities will shift, difficulties will dissolve, and you will fall in love with yoga all over again. This course builds a solid foundation for a profound practice oriented towards thriving and gifting your best self to a world that needs your unique contribution.

  • Ever wonder whether your yoga practice could be more effective and/or less painful?
  • Ready to trust in your own limitless embodied wisdom rather than struggle to maintain faith in authorities? 
  • Tired of the mystery surrounding esoteric techniques like bandha and drishti? 
  • Itching to discover or rekindle your true inspiration for practice?
  • Are you willing to invite pleasure into your yoga and your life?

An early-bird special is available through Monday, June 1st, noon MDT!

Details and registration here!

Prana, Chitta & the Body-Mind Connection


In this video, I talk about the direct relationship of prana (~inner breath) to chitta (~mind), and how the Ashtanga Vinyasa path is so often considered in terms of the Patanjali Raja Yoga definition chitta vritti nirodah (yoga is the suspension of the fluctuations of the mind). However, in an embodied asana practice, we must also be aware of the Hatha Yoga definition prana vritti nirodah (yoga is the suspension of the inner breath), leading to pretty much the same result.  

It then becomes obvious how knowing more about the nervous system and basic physiology becomes imperative for a healthy practice. If we are disrupting the energy systems (and thereby all bodily systems) through improper breathing, injurious alignment and unexamined negative attitudes, we cannot hope to purify either the body or the mind, and can in fact disrupt both of them, since they are never separate from each other.

We see how this law of nature is used by trauma therapists (nervous system technicians, much like yogis) expressed as “story follows state.” This means that our physiological state determines the kinds of thoughts that are possible for us at any given moment to a very large degree. This gives us a new kind of respect for our embodied experience and allows us to fine-tune and deepen our practice to be far more beneficial in our own lives and in relation to all other beings to whom we are intimately connected. 

Tomorrow I’ll be launching a new set of courses leading up to online retreats and a teacher training where we investigate such themes deeply in both theory and practice! Stay tuned… 🙂