Advanced TIAVY Week

This 5-day Advanced TIAVY Immersion will take place at my home studio in Denver February 3-7, 2020. Space is limited to 12 or fewer students. Material from the Ashtanga Vinyasa series will give us plenty of back bending, hip opening, twisting, balancing and inverting material to keep us fascinated. We will workshop poses in the mornings and do some chanting, relaxing / invigorating pranayama and neuroplasticity-stimulating meditation in the afternoons, along with some strength-building and restorative exercises. There will be time set aside each day for Q & A and discussion of philosophy, science and factors influencing our practice.

You must get my permission to sign up for this immersion. Students who have never taken my 15-hour Intro to TIAVY Training (offered conveniently January 31-February 2!) may need to do some additional prep work, as we will assume that you have the theoretical knowledge presented there as we practice. Students should be regularly practicing vinyasa yoga in order to participate. There are no minimum requirements in terms of progression in the series, however we will purposely work on some challenging asanas, including back-bending, arm balances and inversions. I will offer variations, but if you feel you might prefer to step up your fundamentals, I am also offering a 5-day Intro Immersion in June!

We will be doing a lot of novel movement and focus on the internal forms (bandha, mudra, drishti…), so this training is not suitable for those who like to rush through their practice, skim over details, or otherwise practice with a huge ego or without a sense of humor 😉 We will develop patience, skill, and savor our practice regardless of the outward appearance of our asana. We will instead be tuned to the finer workings of our nervous system and emotions, and support each other in being as nice to ourselves and each other as possible! Advanced indeed…

The daily schedule will be Monday-Friday 10:30am-5:30pm, breaking for about 90 minutes for lunch. The location is near Water World at 84th and Pecos.

Investment: $650 (Early bird $600 if paid in full by January 8th — Jen-Mitsuke_Peters on Venmo). January Soulful Morning Sadhana Members get an additional 20% off.

Please Contact Jen to register and include a paragraph about your relevant training and practice experience! 🙂

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