Application for Jen-Mitsuke’s 200-hour TIAVYoga Teacher Training in Denver 2020

THANK YOU for your interest in this one-of-a-kind intensive! I recommend reading through the entire application before you begin answering the essay questions in order to see where your information will best fit in. You might want to compose in your word processor and paste into this form so that there are no electronic mishaps and so that you can limit your essays to 300 words or less per question. Consider submitting the form with a browser other than Safari, as there have been a couple of glitches with that in the past. Take comfort that most questions will not require lengthy answers at all.

Supply answers for all of the required questions and double-check everything thoroughly as the form cannot be amended once submitted. I will acknowledge receipt of your application within 48 hours, at which point you will be requested to reply to that email with a photo of yourself attached 😉 It’s a real trick these days to get forms to upload photos themselves! Once your application is complete, I will begin reviewing it. Please allow up to 3 weeks for a decision. Thanks for taking the time to allow me to get to know you better! All the best, Jen-Mitsuke Peters, MA