The Lama and Unpredictability


IMG_2764“The Lama is the ecstatic, wild, and gentle figure who short-circuits your systems of self-referencing. The Lama is the only person in your life who cannot be manipulated. The Lama is the invasion of unpredictability you allow into your life, to enable you to cut through the convolutions of the interminable psychological and emotional processes. The Lama is the terrifyingly compassionate gamester who re-shuffles the deck of your carefully arranged rationale. To enter into vajra commitment is to leap from the perfect precipice. To find yourself in the radiant space of this choiceless choice, is the very heart of Tantra. To leap open-eyed into the shining emptiness of the Lama’s wisdom display, and to experience the ecstatic impact of each dynamic gesture of the Lama’s method display is the essential luminosity and power of the path” — Rig ʼdzin Dorje, in Dangerous Friend: The Teacher-Student Relationship in Vajrayana Buddhism

So much for Love & Light



“The problem is that we tend to seek an easy and painless answer.  But this kind of solution does not apply to the spiritual path, which many of us should not have begun at all.  Once we commit ourselves to the spiritual path, it is very painful and we are in for it.  We have committed ourselves to the pain of exposing ourselves, of taking off our clothes, skin, nerves, heart, brains, until we are exposed to the universe.  Nothing will be left.  It will be terrible, excruciating, but that is the way it is.”  Chogyam Trungpa in Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism