Starting on January 1, 2017, the following drop-in classes will take place at the Cube (Ashtanga Yoga Denver).  In addition to these regularly scheduled classes, I also sub quite often and offer special events there, so check out their website for the latest information, as well as to be aware of moon days when classes are cancelled.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, sign up for my newsletter, and use the sidebar to subscribe to my blog to receive additional updates 🙂

Sundays 9-11am Ashtanga Mysore (All Levels) with Meditation 11:00-11:15*
Wednesdays 6-8am Ashtanga Mysore (All Levels)
Fridays 8-10am Ashtanga Mysore (All Levels)

Mysore classes combine some of the very best aspects of private instruction (individualized attention and customization of the practice to meet your needs and goals), group classes (energy and inspiration gained from practicing in the companionship of others), and home practice (focused attention and personal accountability for your own path).  Students go at their own pace under the supervision of the instructor, arriving when they wish and finishing by the end time listed (see note below as well).  Six series entice us with unending challenges glimmering on the horizon while real life intervenes with plenty of opportunities to let go and learn to work with the inevitable obstacles and beautiful realities of embodiment.  No experience necessary, however a commitment to practicing regularly will bring the best results!

Note for Sundays*:  We will be practicing group savasana from 10:50-11:00am, which means that you must finish the active portion of your practice by then, and if you plan on leaving before 11am, please leave before 10:50 to allow everybody to rest deeply and peacefully.  Immediately following savasana, we will sit in silence for 15 minutes, so if you need to leave before meditation, please do so quickly and quietly, cleaning your mat and putting props away before savasana.  For those wanting to stay, I invite you to explore long finishing poses, ideally starting them no later than 10:30 and delving into the breath.  If you want props for sitting, get them before savasana so you’ll be all ready to begin!  Looking forward to practicing with you…

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