I aim to help you find your own inner guides and discover your special calling and unique gifts.  My long years of academic study (Neuroscience and Psychology), spiritual and contemplative practice (Yoga, Meditation and Shamanism), trauma and chronic illness (sexual, emotional & spiritual abuse as well as CIRS-Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome from mold toxicity) have forced me to become expert in a variety of subjects in my own life.  I am happy to share my process and knowledge with you.

What are you interested in? Healing? Thriving? Resilience? Career? Success? Money? Confidence? Leadership? Relationship? Sexuality? Identity? Purpose? Food? Sleep? Exercise…?  Feel free to peruse my CV and Testimonials as well as the rest of this site in order to get a better feel for what I draw on in session.

Please contact me to schedule single sessions or to purchase a package. A free 15-minute consultation is available for first-time clients in order to see whether we are a match for each other!  

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