Creative BUST-OUT!

Please note: This is an advanced online practice group for students who have completed my Introduction to Shamanic Journeying course and Healthy Attachment seminar or the equivalent. The group accepts new members at the start of each new calendar month. Please contact me with any questions!

Join me to take part in my absolute favorite routine each weekday morning from 7:30-8:45am. I developed this sequence of practices to aid in reinvigorating my life and work while healing my own trauma and chronic illness, and began sharing it with students starting last November.

We offer up some yogic and shamanic invocations, journey, take time for creativity coming out of inspiration gained from journeys, dreams or the present moment, share our findings, and sit for a 3-part meditation designed to enhance focus, rewire our nervous systems for resilience, and develop love and compassion.

These practices put us in touch with our most heartfelt intentions and nourishing healing capacities. They connect us to precious regularity, meaning, guidance and wisdom during a time of great uncertainty and rapid change. Perhaps most importantly, we as a group support each other to show up fully no matter what each new day brings.

Creative BUST-OUT! Price for Current Members thru July 1, 2020

Daily weekday practice for healing, rejuvenation, connection and creativity!


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