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This course will be offered live again in September 2020. If you are interested in taking the course before then from the recorded June sessions, please contact me!

In this 6-session theory & practice course June 9-26, 2020, you will learn the science to transform your life both on & off the mat. We will clarify key yoga scriptures, implement classic deity visualizations, and practice chanting and essential vinyasa techniques using a nervous-system-savvy lens enriched by insights from lead neuroscientists and trauma therapists. By listening deeply to the body-heart-mind through both eastern and western healing perspectives, priorities will shift, difficulties will dissolve, and you will fall in love with yoga all over again. This course builds a solid foundation for a profound practice oriented towards thriving and gifting your best self to a world that needs your unique contribution.

  • Ever wonder whether your yoga practice could be more effective and/or less painful?
  • Ready to trust in your own limitless embodied wisdom rather than struggle to maintain faith in authorities? 
  • Tired of the mystery surrounding esoteric techniques like bandha and drishti? 
  • Itching to discover or rekindle your true inspiration for practice?
  • Are you willing to invite pleasure into your yoga and your life?

An early-bird special is available through Monday, June 8th, noon MDT!

Check out this brief talk in which I make a case using yoga scriptures and trauma theory for better understanding the nervous system and delving deeper into embodiment, which is what we will be working on in this course.

This course is for you if:

  • You practice Ashtanga Vinyasa or a similar style of yoga and want to deepen your practice.
  • You’re fairly new to yoga, but want a firm foundation on which to build your practice. (Please become familiar with sun salutations and go through this practice with my teacher, Richard Freeman, at least a couple of times before joining the course.)
  • You’re a teacher or seasoned practitioner longing to rediscover the awe you once felt for yoga.
  • You’ve suffered injury, illness or trauma and want to find a way to continue practicing in a profound and meaningful way. All exercises will be adaptable for your current needs.
  • You want your yoga to support healing and a richer life.
  • You have a sense there must be more to yoga than what teachers have told you so far.
  • You’re ready to let go of presuppositions and investigate what really works for you.
  • You are ready to slow down, savor the details, and work independently of external goals to tap into vulnerable internal states ripe with potential.
  • You are considering enrolling my TIAVY–Trauma Informed Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher training or other advanced courses and retreats for which this is a pre-requisite. (In July, I will offer a detailed asana course that will continue to build on the material introduced here.)

This course is probably not for you if:

  • You are convinced that it’s the orthodox way or the highway.
  • You prefer to relinquish all responsibility to a Guru.
  • You believe it’s better to quit than adapt a traditional practice to your needs.
  • You believe moksha (liberation) is the only worthy goal and living a rich life gets in the way of that.
  • You believe feelings have no place on a tantric path.
  • You are certain that all you need to know will come from daily repetition of the series exactly as you have been taught.
  • You are hoping for a really good workout.
  • You would rather die than use a prop…


Theory Sessions—Tuesdays June 9, 16, 23
Practice Sessions—Fridays June 12, 19, 26

Sessions will take place on Zoom and begin at 10am L.A.—11am Denver—1pm NYC—7pm Munich…  They will be 75-90 minutes including Q&A.  If you cannot attend live, no problem!  Each session will be recorded and downloadable through the end of June.

A private Facebook group will be available for more interaction with me and each other, to share relevant links and experiences.  Looking forward to seeing my friends from all over the world!

Recommended:  Add private sessions (at a highly discounted rate) to your course package to get Jen’s help integrating the material or to work on other challenges.  See this page to get ideas for different kinds of sessions to enrich your practice!

Your Instructor:  

Jen-Mitsuke Peters has been teaching yoga internationally since 2005 and is a registered psychotherapist, shamanic practitioner and holistic guide in private practice in Denver, CO. 

She holds a BA in Neuroscience & Behavior from Columbia University, an MA in Psychology/Neuroplasticity from Princeton University, an MA in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling from Naropa University, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Depth Psychology focusing on Integrative Therapies and Healing at Pacifica Graduate Institute. 

Jen has practiced with and assisted her principal Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teachers Richard Freeman & Mary Taylor all over the world for over 2100 hours since meeting them in 2007 and eventually moving to Boulder to teach at their studio.  She is also an 800-hour Advanced Certified Jivamukti teacher with extensive training in therapeutic yoga styles and meditation.  She currently trains students and teachers in TIAVY (Trauma Informed Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga), a method she has been developing over the past several years.

Her work combines western science, eastern spiritual technology and indigenous wisdom.  This eclectic approach arose out of personal necessity in response to her experiences with trauma and chronic illness.  Her own healing journey has taken her from an obsession with a distant enlightenment to a passion for life here and now, trusting in the transformative power of compassionate and mutually beneficial relationships on this planet and beyond.


I currently practice another form of yoga and not Ashtanga Vinyasa. Is this course still for me?This course will refer to traditional invocations, ujjayi breathing, patterns of movement and the 3 bandhas applied in vinyasa forms, so if you are interested in these, then yes, please join us!

If I am completely new to a home practice, is this course for me?It would be a good idea to be able to lead yourself through sun salutes appropriate for you and understand enough about your own practice to know what kind of postures are easeful and challenging in order to take part in the exercises. For an intro to Ashtanga, practice this with Richard Freeman.

I am injured and can do very little of a traditional Ashtanga practice. Is this course for me?You pretty much only need to be able to imagine moving to take a lot from this course. Every exercise can be tailored to your own needs. You will be developing a powerful practice based on what you can do, not what you can’t!

What kind of material will be presented in the theory sessions?Theory topics will include the polyvagal theory of Stephen Porges, interpersonal neurobiology as described by Bonnie Badenoch, and fundamental features of trauma healing developed by Peter Levine. We will look at how these fit in with yoga texts, and integrate them into yoga practice.

What can I expect from the practice sessions?Within the context set by the theory sessions, we will explore slowly and meticulously the details that make the practice most delightful and healing. We will look again at what ujjayi, drishti, bandha and asana might be, and how small adjustments can make a huge difference in our experience. We will learn how to feel into alignment from the inside, a process that allows us to experience variations of any posture in our own way for our own purposes.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact me to discuss!

What’s it like to take a course with Jen? Testimonials from my Trauma Informed Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Students

“Jen’s training provided real framework to help identify, work with and trust your inner wisdom.  The experience also really helped reinforce how personal empowerment and connection and support from others are inextricably linked.  And within that environment, honoring a thoughtful balance between tradition and transparency, framework and freedom, allows deep personal healing and growth to unfold.  I’m so thankful to Jen for exploring this fascinating territory.”  —  Jenny Flatt, Denver, CO

“In a way, life had already shown me that to evolve means to give a true meaning to everything that touches us and everything that we touch.  When I went to study with Jen, I did not know exactly what I would find, besides a loving group and a welcoming Jen, but I learned a new way of looking at science-based Yoga, one that shows us that we can be different, question everything, transform, work through fear, leave the comfort zone, and learn to live with the others who are permanently shaping the way we act and relate.  With TIAVY, I assure you, Jen, I’ll try to make a difference every day and at every moment.  I will change, because we all deserve happiness!” — Rosana Santos, Serra da Cantareira, Brazil, TIAVY-200hr Certified Teacher

“The satsang created in Jen’s Trauma Informed Ashtanga Yoga workshop was a rich, supportive & nourishing container in which I could safely explore what might better serve me, as a teacher & as a student myself.  I so appreciate Jen’s curiosity about & deep embodiment of all things yoga & her courage in questioning the teachings she’s received, to not swallow them whole.”  —  Jaimie Epstein: Writer, Editor, Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, Boulder, CO

“Living in times that so much emphasis (at times obsessively) is placed on the physical practice of yoga, it’s encouraging to know that there are teachers that have studied, and continue to study, so that they may share something of real value, and not something that is all fantasy with unattainable results.  We all have experienced some form of trauma, unconscious or conscious.  If you feel stuck in your practice (or in life), and are not getting the results that you would expect after years of practice, I can’t recommend studying with Jen-Mitsuke enough!  She has a natural gift for creating a safe, open, light, and fun environment for discussing subjects of a sensitive nature often ignored in yoga trainings.”  —  Reinghard Abarca, Orlando, FL

“Jen is a warm, caring, intelligent and talented yoga teacher.  I appreciate her dedication to making Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga a safe experience for students’ personal growth and emotional healing.  I am so loving all that I learned that weekend. The info and experience with everyone is really finding a place inside me and it all makes so much sense.”  —  Lesley Farley: Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, Regina, Canada

Read more testimonials here!

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