Born Oskar Yoder to an Old English Sheepdog mama and Toy Poodle papa in Ohio on Bastille Day 2018, Jiyu took his Japanese zen name meaning “Compassionate Friend” upon moving to Denver on the full moon day in September.  There he dove into his bodhisattva dharma, bringing love and joy to Jen-Mitsuke and all other beings.  He began giving his first counseling sessions, teaching his first yoga classes, and sitting in on shamanic healing work at the tender age of 11 weeks.

At 19 weeks, Jiyu met his first teacher Ahmia Scott and began training intensively with her, starting with an 8-day one-on-one residential immersion and continuing with private lessons.  He is currently working towards his American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen title.  

In addition, he and Jen-Mitsuke continue to enroll in enrichment courses and workshops to enhance their skills as a team. They have graduated from 4 different 6-week courses: Delightful Dog Basic Obedience at Noble Beast, as well as Puppy Manners, Tricks, and Beyond the Backyard Intermediate Obedience at Rocky Mountain Dog Training. Jen has received her certification as an Animal-Assisted Therapist through Pawsitive Therapeutic Interventions, and Jiyu intends to earn his corresponding Therapy Dog certification once he has been on this planet for at least a year.