Soulful Morning Sadhana

Jiyu & I are excited that you are interested in practicing with us 🙂 You must pre-register to join (only 10 slots available)!

Got Yoga? Ceremony? Creativity? We do! Start each day the Jen-Mitsuke and Jiyu way! 😉 We invite you to join us each and every day for Soulful Morning Sadhana at our extremely well-appointed and pleasant home studio in Denver. We encourage you to undertake a diverse and individually-appropriate practice that helps to ground you and serve that which is most meaningful to you in life.

Jen will lead the chanting, puja, drumming/rattling & meditation each day.* Additionally, she will teach TIAVY self-practice from 7:15-9:15am on Sundays followed by Teatime, Meditation & Pranayama OR 2nd Sunday Satsang & Kirtan (9:30-10:30).* At other times Jiyu is there to supervise as Jen practices beside you. We generally practice on all holidays and moon days. See monthly exceptions directly below. Contact Jen with questions!

*NO PRACTICE Thursday-Monday January 23-27, 2020 due to Jen’s PhD travels to California. PRACTICE WILL END EARLY (at 7:15am) on Wednesday January 22 and Thursdays January 16 and 30.

Schedule (Monday through Saturday):

  • 5:50am–Doors Open
  • 6:00am–Puja, Ceremony, Meditation
  • 6:30am–Creative Free-Time (or Asana if necessary)
  • 7:15am–Ashtanga Vinyasa Invocations
  • 9:45am–Group Savasana & Closing Chant
  • 10:00am–Bring Your Best Self Out Into the World!


Feel free to include kriya, pranayama, meditation, strengthening exercises, preps with props and restoratives in your TIAVY (Trauma Informed Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga) routines! We have a plethora of specialized equipment for your enjoyment and encourage a non-competitive, relaxed, loving and therapeutic attitude. Need help tailoring your personal practice or incorporating additional creative or healing elements? Set up a private session with Jen!

Creative Time (6-7:15am) will consist of a brief neuroplasticity-stimulating meditation for happiness and resilience following a puja, chanting and drumming/rattling led by Jen. You will then have about 45 minutes (or more if you are not in a hurry to begin yoga) to engage in personal journaling, dream analysis, divination, artwork, and/or movement exploration as you see fit.

We have a variety of animal, tarot and archetype card decks as well as very simple crayons, pencils, markers and play-doh, but you may also wish to bring your own tools for enticing Psyche to share her rich gifts. (For example, Jen loves to write stream-of-consciousness, practice Authentic Movement, play with rocks, do Active Imagination with items from Nature, draw on her iPad and cut up magazines, etc… If you aren’t yet convinced, don’t worry, inspiration will come!)

You may attend whatever times work for you, but in order to maintain a sacred and restful atmosphere, please refrain from arriving or departing during ceremony or group savasana (6:00-6:30am or 9:45-10:00am). You are welcome to do creative work during yoga time or yoga during creative free time if your schedule does not permit staying the full morning. 45-minute IR sauna sessions can usually be booked (at least 24 hours in advance) as early as 5:45am and finishing as late as 10:45am.

Because we are looking to foster a sense of regularity and support in community we are not able to offer drop-ins except under exceptional circumstances. We offer monthly memberships or multi-packs expiring the month of issue. Our friends from out of town or locals looking for a retreat may purchase passes on a space-available basis.


  • 1-month Unlimited (expires end of the month) — $180
  • 15-day Punch Card (expires end of the month) — $150
  • 10-day Punch Card (expires end of the month) — $120
  • 5-day Punch Card (expires end of the month) — $90
  • Class Passes for Non-Members (space permitting) — Please register in order to see whether we can accommodate your request!

Once you have gotten the OK from me, please send full payment to Jen-Mitsuke_Peters @ Venmo or bring exact cash$$$ to your first session.

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