Soulful Sadhana Online

Please note, I have decided to run this course during the 2nd half of April so more time to sign up!

Each weekday from April 16-30th, we will meet to engage in my absolute favorite practices together. I have been developing this grounding, energizing and creativity-stoking routine since November with some brave students, who joined me in person in the wee hours of the morning. Each element has been carefully chosen for its potent therapeutic and inspirational effect.

While so many practices stop short at exercise, distraction, or increased tolerance of suffering, this practice goes beyond to put us in touch with our most heartfelt intentions and nourishing healing capacities. It connects us to precious regularity, meaning, guidance and wisdom during a time of great uncertainty and rapid change. Perhaps most importantly, we will support each other to show up fully no matter what each new day will bring.

What will I learn and practice?

  • Ceremony & Chanting– We will perform a simple puja to create a safe and sacred space for our practice and invite in and honor those energies and/or deities we hold closest to our hearts. We will learn and chant two invocations, one to Ganesh, the remover of obstacles, and another to the Serpent of Infinity, the supporting energy of the universe. We will call in the 4 Directions with their multiple perspectives.
  • Shamanic Journeying — We will develop a relationship with our spirit guides and journey based upon our own personal question or intention, seeking direction, protection or inspiration, clearing subtle blockages, promoting healing and relaxation, recharging…
  • Mindfulness-Based, Neuroscience-Enriched and Trauma-Informed Skills — We will develop a greater awareness of our nervous systems, counteract stress and trauma, and strengthen healthy neural networks that promote resilience and adaptability.
  • Creative Time — We will engage with images and feelings brought up spontaneously, during the journey, or in dreams. Journaling, drawing, sculpting, poetry, expressive movement, toning, drawing cards, consulting the I-Ching and other soul-plunging practices are welcome during this phase as we transcend the limitations of our habitual patterns and intellectual minds.
  • Community Connection — If joining live, we encourage you to turn on your video so we can all enjoy your presence. Volunteers may be invited to share brief check-ins. We will also set up a private Facebook group to discuss revelations, confusions, ideas, show artwork, etc. I will monitor the group regularly, answer questions and provide supplemental material. This will be a great resource so that folks who cannot attend live will still be integrated into the experience.

For whom is this course intended?

THIS IS NOT AN ASANA (YOGA POSTURE) COURSE, and no strength, flexibility, coordination, talent or experience whatsoever is required. The point is not to be good at any of this, but to feel and experience more profoundly and discover new depths of meaning. You will not need any special equipment either. Come as you are with whatever you have. You may join this course sitting in a chair or even lying in bed and still derive great benefit. Modifications will always be given. I will offer many, many different variations in the hopes that you will choose exactly what you need at any given moment. This is your time!

Fun is a very important component of this course. You will be continuously challenged to find more and more pleasure. The nervous system needs this to heal and thrive. Whoever enjoys this course the most wins!


This course will meet each of the 11 weekdays (Monday-Friday) in April 2020, starting on Thursday, April 16th and going through Thursday, April 30th. Live Zoom sessions will take place from 7:45-8:45am Denver time, but if you are unable to join us at that time, a recording of the session will be available for 24 hours until replaced with the next one, so you can join from anywhere on the planet! Once your payment is received and registration confirmed, you will be invited to join the dedicated private Facebook group.


The cost of the course is $135/month. I am offering a half-month special for $54 if you sign up by April 14th (for April 16-30, 2020). If you are buying the course as a gift, please make a note in PayPal of the email address to which course correspondence should be addressed. All sales are final. Looking forward to seeing you online!

Soulful Sadhana Online (April 2020)

Daily weekday practice for healing, rejuvenation, connection and creativity!


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