Below are reflections from Coaching / Counseling clients & TIAVY (Trauma Informed Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga) students.

Coaching & Counseling Testimonials

“I am beyond thankful for my sessions with Jen. Through her counseling, I awakened to a part of myself that was sleeping before – now, I can fully experience both the highs and lows that life has to offer as opposed to a muted experience of both. This was my first experience with therapy, and I consider myself lucky to have found someone so great right off the bat. Jen is highly educated and trained in the many areas she pulls from, including trauma-informed psychotherapy, Jungian psychology, neuroscience, yoga, shamanism, and so much more. Her breadth of knowledge was both educational as well as extremely helpful for me to integrate the work I did with Jen.” — Sarah, Denver, CO

“I came to see Jen at a crucial time in my healing.  She created a safe and open environment for me to unleash fears, burdens and find solid emotional ground to begin to rebuild on.  Her willingness to be a calming and considerate guide assisted me as I began navigating life after the loss of my mother.  Grief is one of the most debilitating experiences in life.  I’ve found solace, strength and compassion from Jen in her gentle ways of revealing what is manageable and what is best to let go.  She is patient and prolific in her approach to creating a safe space for her client to unwind the traumas.  I feel less burdened and less burdensome as our sessions show my progress deciphering the pain.  Jen maintains an air of infinite possibilities and energy, while recognizing that you are enough and your willingness to continue on is more than enough to get through these trying times.  I appreciate her as well as our exchanges.  I feel fortified and hopeful for a future honoring my mother’s memory, our shared experience and my future full of infinite possibilities.  Thank you Jen for your guidance.”  —  Allison S., Lafayette, CO

“My work with Jen was paramount to my personal evolution this past year. She helped me find the confidence to succeed at the beginning of a new career, coached me through strategies to develop self-love, and generally served as a much needed confidant and witness to my experience.”  —  Sheena, Thornton, CO

“Thank you Jen for offering your strength & counseling skills to help me explore, heal & integrate after my recent relationship breakdown.  With your guidance & insight I was able to process, grieve, reevaluate & transition from fear & confusion, to examine & open back up to renew this loving relationship I truly want to be a part of.  Grateful for your insight, skill & compassionate support…”  —  Tari M., Longmont, CO

“I met Jen when she was starting her counseling internship at a holistic health center sort of by default; the previous counselor completed her internship and moved on; I didn’t know what to expect.  I was thrilled we connected so quickly!  Jen’s outgoing manner, great listening skills and personal insights made me comfortable right away.  She listened intently, asked prodding questions, and when I asked, gave me her professional and personal insights and answers with compassion, empathy and heartfelt connection.  She took my ramblings and opinions in stride, and always had a smile.  I highly recommend Jen to anyone looking for outside the box counseling; she has a vast and varied background she draws on, I always felt she ‘got me.’   I discovered a lot about myself with Jen, and I’m very grateful for that; Jen is a gem!”  —  Nick S., Louisville, CO

“I met Jen through a support group for grief that she was leading.  After the loss of a very good friend I have been struggling to thrive.  I kept going to Jen after the support group stopped and Jen has been a great resource for me.  I love how she implements her knowledge in other areas (yoga, shamanism, etc.) into her therapy approach.  This gave me many tools to pick from and also new perspectives in life.  Jen is very personable and it is easy to connect with her.”  —  Nicole, Longmont, CO

TIAVY (Trauma Informed Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga) 200-hr Testimonials

“In a way, life had already shown me that to evolve means to give a true meaning to everything that touches us and everything that we touch.  When I went to study with Jen, I did not know exactly what I would find, besides a loving group and a welcoming Jen, but I learned a new way of looking at science-based Yoga, one that shows us that we can be different, question everything, transform, work through fear, leave the comfort zone, and learn to live with the others who are permanently shaping the way we act and relate.  With TIAVY, I assure you, Jen, I’ll try to make a difference every day and at every moment.  I will change, because we all deserve happiness!” — Rosana Santos, Serra da Cantareira, Brazil, TIAVY-200

TIAVY (Trauma Informed Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga) 15-hr Testimonials

“Jen is a warm, caring, intelligent and talented yoga teacher.  I appreciate her dedication to making Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga a safe experience for students’ personal growth and emotional healing.  I am so loving all that I learned that weekend. The info and experience with everyone is really finding a place inside me and it all makes so much sense.”  —  Lesley Farley: Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, Regina, Canada

“I spent a weekend with Jen and about 10 other brave souls to dive into the difficult, yet salient and necessary topic of trauma and yoga.  With so many disconnected opinions on the internet and gossip on social media, the space Jen provided was an interpersonal oasis.  By utilizing her background in both yoga and neuroscience, she facilitated a safe place we all participated in.  Instead of the myopic guru hierarchy of one person disseminating information on a topic or posture, Jen truly created a space of shared embodiment, where through our own personal narrative and bodies we could better understand what presence for ‘self’ and ‘other’ actually is.  This is a vulnerable space, yet one supported by an intention of awakening with each other, not just checking-out from our disconnected day or checking-off that we got our exercise done.  I believe in, and have begun developing such spaces myself.  As yoga teachers and students, safe places that are inter-subjective, that is ones that realize the effects we have on each other, are crucially important in our contextual situation.  Jen is pioneering such spaces. There is no perfect form, no precise methodology in doing such, so be ready for an explorative phenomenon.  It is a conversation of minds, a communication of touch, an unfolding in presence that takes the time to recognize both diagnostically and empathically who is in front of us.  Jen has put in the work to learn this language, and in sharing it with others she offers one of the more difficult classes you may ever have.  This is not because of a never ending series, melting hot rooms, or excruciating long holds; glamorous as these might be, instead it’s a place our bodies yearn for but don’t know how to ask, it’s the conversation we just don’t have the words for on our own, but it is in this challenge space that we grow together.  I cannot thank Jen and those like her enough, doing this invaluable work to help support the communal healing of the ubiquitous trauma we are all a part of.  This is love in action.”  —  Sean Ambrose: Yoga Teacher, New Orleans, LA

“Jen-Mitsuke is an amazing teacher, practitioner, and human being.  Her Trauma-Informed Ashtanga Yoga Workshop was incredibly well-researched.  I gained knowledge and skills that I have been able to apply to my daily practice of yoga, as well as my life and relationships outside of yoga.  I especially loved hearing about the power we have to heal one another through compassion (“seeing in you an unsuspected goodness”) and accompaniment.”  — Kyla Koontz, Denver, CO

“Jen’s training provided a real framework to help identify, work with and trust your inner wisdom.  The experience also really helped reinforce how personal empowerment and connection and support from others are inextricably linked.  And within that environment, honoring a thoughtful balance between tradition and transparency, framework and freedom, allows deep personal healing and growth to unfold.  I’m so thankful to Jen for exploring this fascinating territory.”  —  Jenny Flatt, Denver, CO

“Living in times that so much emphasis (at times obsessively) is placed on the physical practice of yoga, it’s encouraging to know that there are teachers that have studied, and continue to study, so that they may share something of real value, and not something that is all fantasy with unattainable results.  We all have experienced some form of trauma, unconscious or conscious.  If you feel stuck in your practice (or in life), and are not getting the results that you would expect after years of practice, I can’t recommend studying with Jen-Mitsuke enough!  She has a natural gift for creating a safe, open, light, and fun environment for discussing subjects of a sensitive nature often ignored in yoga trainings.  The TIAVY workshop was well worth a trip to Denver!”  —  Reinghard Abarca, Orlando, FL

“The satsang created in Jen’s Trauma Informed Ashtanga Yoga workshop was a rich, supportive & nourishing container in which I could safely explore what might better serve me, as a teacher & as a student myself.  I so appreciate Jen’s curiosity about & deep embodiment of all things yoga & her courage in questioning the teachings she’s received, to not swallow them whole.”  —  Jaimie Epstein: Writer, Editor, Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, Boulder, CO

“I attended Jen-Mitsuke Peters’ Trauma-Informed Ashtanga Yoga (TIAyoga) weekend.  Most, if not all of us, have experienced trauma.  This weekend was an opportunity to explore the complexity, power and interconnectedness of the mind and body.  As yoga students, we have some awareness of this, but I believe this is a particularly important study for those who seek healing.  Jen guided us through research focusing on trauma and also discussed how we could shift our perspective and invite more communication, awareness and compassion in our practice and in our interactions with others.  Jen is an extremely knowledgeable, dedicated teacher with a diverse background.  She has a genuine gift for recognizing and honoring each student’s unique abilities.”  —  Thuy Vu, Denver, CO

“The TIAVY workshop was a truly valuable experience, informative and hugely helpful!  I am trying to apply the ideas as much as I can in my practice and look forward to continuing the journey.  Jen’s teaching style seems to be highly adaptable, and Jen and her classes are indelibly thoughtful, creative, and compassionate.  I appreciate her patience and ability to allow people to just be and have space and feel safe.”  —  Matt Goldenberg, Denver, CO

TIAVY (Trauma Informed Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga) Special Course Testimonials

“I had the pleasure of taking Jen-Mitsuke Peter’s class, ‘Healthy Attachment is the NEW Non-Attachment,’ where I learned how the brain interprets and responds to both trauma and attachment and how the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita can support a healing and road towards healthy attachment. I loved Jen’s ability to use neuroscience, yogic teachings, and even practices such as shamanic journeying to illustrate concepts regarding attachment and trauma. Not only was this course personally and eye-opener to ways I could manage my own trauma but as a martial arts teacher and massage therapist, it gave me ways to connect to my clients on a deeper level while also being sensitive to their potential attachment patterns and past experiences. I would highly recommend this to anyone but especially those who work in a capacity where they are teaching, mentoring, or doing healing work, as these concepts are pivotal for developing a true path towards trust and healing.” — Barbara Jwanouskos Ramos, Co-Founder of Koa House, Littleton, CO

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Testimonials

“In a city overflowing with great yoga teachers, Jen Peters stands out on so many levels.  Jen is one of the most authentic teachers I’ve had the pleasure to get to know.  She’s got the asana part down pat, her sequencing and adjustments are always spot-on; it is clear she pays attention to the students in front of her.  What’s more, though, is the commitment she brings to studying, learning, and embodying all aspects of the yogic path.  Jen understands that the real potential of yoga lies in its power to reduce suffering, and the care, thoughtfulness, and heart-to-heart connections that she brings to her teaching help her students realize this too.  If you are looking for something deeper and more powerful than your typical yoga class, I highly recommend Jen!”  —  Laura Kupperman: Yoga Therapist, Yoga for Survivors, Career & Business Coach for Health & Wellness Practitioners, Boulder, CO 

“Jen Peters is a master Ashtanga yoga instructor, and classes with her are like nothing I’ve experienced.  They are innovative, yet traditional to the T because she knows so much about her proclaimed lineage.  Plus, Jen’s this unbelievable yoga practitioner, and she can do just about any pose, from crazy arm balances to fly throughs with the greatest of ease, all with a wide smile on her face.  Still, she understates her abilities and intellectual depth with all manner of funny sound effects, adding light-hearted moments while demonstrating key transitions, or breaking up the rigor of a sequence with “bouncy” motions and “wavy elephant trunk” gestures to decipher the subtleties of alignment.  Then Jen moves seamlessly into leading a group through many postures vocally while also giving every student regardless of their level full-on precise adjustments and illuminating the broader context of yoga practice.  As much as I learn from Jen, I also feel seen and loved.  She is unique, gifted and learned ~all in one~!”    Mary-Laurence Bevington: Leader, Experiential Educator & Artist, Boulder, CO

“Jen is an outstanding yoga practitioner and teacher. She is insightful, caring, and attentive to the needs of all the individual students without exception. She is quite precise with regard to providing corrections and has a thorough understanding of the subtleties of the different postures in yoga. I have consistently enjoyed attending Jen’s classes and would highly recommend them to others.” — Gerry Wiener: Meditation Instructor & Tibetan Translator, Boulder, CO

“Jen is a wonder to watch, particularly if you’ve been studying with Richard Freeman awhile. She articulates his lessons with her body beautifully and precisely, inspiring and teaching without ever having to say a word:  There’s the cobra hood . . . now the kidney wings, the golden coccyx, arms growing longer and longer . . . toes spreading . . .”  —  Liana Romulo: Yoga Teacher, Author & Activist, Founder of the Peace Center, Manila, Philippines

“Jen Peters is a very special and unique yoga teacher. The depth of her commitment to the practice and science of yoga, the breadth of her knowledge, her generosity of spirit, and her unmatched ability to communicate unpretentiously and with clarity and attention to detail make her a wonderful guide for all yoga students from the absolute beginner to the most advanced and dedicated yogi.”  —  Stacy Plaske: Yoga Instructor and Founder of Balance Yoga & Healing, Huntington, NY

“When I first met Jen, I felt immediately that there was a difference…  When I first practiced in her class, my initial impression became clearer: the depth of her own practice, her devotion, creativity, vinyasa sequencing, very clear instructions on asana, pranayama and philosophy and of course her outstanding laugh 🙂 were just unique.  Although we are not meant to compare, I will state (anonymously for other beginners to advanced practitioners whom I know personally), that she was one of the best teachers in and around Munich and when she left, she left a big gap.  I’m super grateful that my path lead me to her, as she was also the one encouraging me to start practicing and studying Ashtanga yoga and other methodologies of healing and transformation, which, in the end, changed my whole life to the very better.  Thank you, Jen.”  —  Handan Karadag: Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer & Thai Massage Therapist, Munich, Germany


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