lester testimonials

“In a city overflowing with great yoga teachers, Jen Peters stands out on so many levels.  Jen is one of the most authentic teachers I’ve had the pleasure to get to know.  She’s got the asana part down pat, her sequencing and adjustments are always spot-on; it is clear she pays attention to the students in front of her.  What’s more, though, is the commitment she brings to studying, learning, and embodying all aspects of the yogic path.  Jen understands that the real potential of yoga lies in its power to reduce suffering, and the care, thoughtfulness, and heart-to-heart connections that she brings to her teaching help her students realize this too.  If you are looking for something deeper and more powerful than your typical yoga class, I highly recommend Jen!”  —  Laura Kupperman:  Yoga Therapist, Yoga for Survivors & Yoga for Fertility Specialist, Boulder, CO

“Jen is an outstanding yoga practitioner and teacher. She is insightful, caring, and attentive to the needs of all the individual students without exception. She is quite precise with regard to providing corrections and has a thorough understanding of the subtleties of the different postures in yoga. I have consistently enjoyed attending Jen’s classes and would highly recommend them to others.” — Gerry Wiener:  Meditation Instructor and Tibetan Translator, Boulder, CO

“When I first met Jen, I felt immediately that there was a difference…  When i first practiced in her class, my initial impression became clearer:  the depth of her own practice, her devotion, creativity, vinyasa sequencing, very clear instructions on asana, pranayama and philosophy and of course her outstanding laugh 🙂 were just unique.  Although we are not meant to compare, I will state (anonymously for other beginners to advanced practitioners whom I know personally), that she was one of the best teachers in and around Munich and when she left, she left a big gap.  I’m super grateful that my path lead me to her, as she was also the one encouraging me to start practicing and studying Ashtanga yoga and other methodologies of healing and transformation, which, in the end, changed my whole life to the very better.  Thank you, Jen.”  —  Handan Karadag:  Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer & Thai Massage Therapist, Munich, Germany

“Jen Peters is a master Ashtanga yoga instructor, and classes with her are like nothing I’ve experienced.  They are innovative, yet traditional to the T because she knows so much about her proclaimed lineage.  Plus, Jen’s this unbelievable yoga practitioner, and she can do just about any pose, from crazy arm balances to fly throughs with the greatest of ease, all with a wide smile on her face.  Still, she understates her abilities and intellectual depth with all manner of funny sound effects, adding light-hearted moments while demonstrating key transitions, or breaking up the rigor of a sequence with “bouncy” motions and “wavy elephant trunk” gestures to decipher the subtleties of alignment.  Then Jen moves seamlessly into leading a group through many postures vocally while also giving every student regardless of their level full-on precise adjustments and illuminating the broader context of yoga practice.  As much as I learn from Jen, I also feel seen and loved.  She is unique, gifted and learned ~ all in one!”  ~  Mary-Laurence Bevington:  Leader, Experiential Educator & Artist, Boulder, CO

“Jen is a wonder to watch, particularly if you’ve been studying with Richard Freeman awhile. She articulates his lessons with her body beautifully and precisely, inspiring and teaching without ever having to say a word:  There’s the cobra hood . . . now the kidney wings, the golden coccyx, arms growing longer and longer . . . toes spreading . . .”  —  Liana Romulo:  Yoga Teacher, Author & Activist, Founder of the Peace Center, Manila, Philippines

“Jen Peters is a very special and unique yoga teacher. The depth of her commitment to the practice and science of yoga, the breadth of her knowledge, her generosity of spirit, and her unmatched ability to communicate unpretentiously and with clarity and attention to detail make her a wonderful guide for all yoga students from the absolute beginner to the most advanced and dedicated yogi.”  —  Stacy Plaske:  Yoga Instructor and Founder of Balance Yoga and Healing, Huntington, NY

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