The J.P. Rules of Commenting Conduct


Greetings, everybody!  Here are some basics to keep in mind when posting comments / replies on this blog:

    • We are all very grateful for your heartfelt, thoughtful, concise and well-organized comments and spend a considerable amount of time and effort reading, considering and responding to them.
    • Shamelessly self-promotional comments (advertisements, solicitations, etc.) and comments that stray so far from the given topic as to become irrelevant will not be published.  However, we encourage you to suggest future directions and start new discussions where appropriate.
      • Please be nice and contribute to an inspiring and uplifting atmosphere!  Your discriminating mind is welcomed and we are open for discussion, but this must take place within a context of deep respect and appreciation for all sentient beings without exception.
  • If your comment does not appear for a long time after submitting it or mysteriously disappears, I may be backlogged, or your comment may have contained forbidden elements.  Thanks for your patience and understanding as I attempt to manage this project as best I can.  —  J.P.

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