TIAVY near you?

Don’t live in Denver near Jen-Mitsuke & Jiyu? Be on the lookout for a TIAVY teacher in your neighborhood… (Or join our next teacher training cohort and be the one to spread TIAVY to your town!) TIAVY-200 teachers complete a challenging month-long intensive rich in asana, pranayama, kriya and meditation practice as well as heart-mind-centered lectures, discussions and experiential learning. The intimate cohort size provides an optimal ground for developing self-trust and engagement within community, so crucial for working humbly and honestly with suffering.

In addition to the 4-week in-person training with Jen & Jiyu, those opting for certification undertake a 6-month journey of academic exploration and profound self-inquiry culminating in 8 in-depth reports linking ancient and modern yoga, yoga philosophy and yoga psychology with contemporary neuroscience research, trauma treatment modalities and the human experience. Trainees develop unique specializations based on their rich interests and varied life circumstances. I can’t wait to hear more about the contributions they will make to this emerging field and to the world at large!

Rosana “Rox” Santos (TIAVY-200 since 08 November 2019) from Serra da Cantareira, Brazil will be teaching an amazing TIAVY-inspired class called UNBLOCKED at Prana Yoga Studio in Galicia, Spain this year! Check out her website to keep up with her on her travels… 🙂

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