Thank you for visiting Jungle Physician LLC, a soul-plunging oasis of experimentation, grieving, healing and thriving, and home to Jen-Mitsuke’s Jungle Physician Yoga, a neuroscience-infused, depth-psychology-enriched and trauma-informed variant of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

I have a couple of spots open for new coaching/counseling/consultation clients. I aim to support you in finding safety, meaning and healing relationship in the midst of life’s most harrowing ordeals and moments of unfathomable potential, such as trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, chronic illness, career crossroads, relationship and family challenges, life transitions, addiction, and explorations of sexuality, spirituality, purpose and identity. You will find your own inner guides and discover your special calling and unique gifts. The world needs you! I available in-person and online.

In addition to Soulful Morning Sadhana, my Breath, Bandha & Liberated Movement Workshop, 3-day TIAVY Adjustment Clinic, and 200-hour TIAVY Teacher Training are all open for registration. Contact me with any questions, and sign up for both my blog and email list!

Got Yoga? Ceremony? Creativity? We do! Start each day the Jen-Mitsuke & Jiyu way! Now enrolling for February 2020. Only 8 spots available. More information here!
Join my 2nd annual month-long TIAVY 200-hour Teacher Training in Denver this summer. Applications are now available. Read more and apply here!

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