Want to live with more purpose, prosperity, pleasure & freedom? Jen has a couple of openings for private sessions (coaching, counseling, yoga…) Let her know your intentions and availability.

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PRESS! Jungle Physician has just been featured in an in-depth interview. Mits describes how and why she does yoga, coaching and counseling differently…

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Holistic Courses & Professional Trainings
Integrative Coaching & Counseling
Trauma Informed Contemplative Practices
Support for Chronic Illness & Trauma
Nervous System Fitness & Rewiring
Trauma Informed Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga
Jungle Physician Yoga for Healing
Scriptural Study, Chanting & Kirtan
Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine for Trauma
Ceremony & Shamanic Journeying
Spiritual Practices for Healthy Attachment
Creativity, Authenticity & Manifestation

Jen pours her soul & resources into her work 😅 and greatly appreciates your participation, follows, likes, testimonials, donations & referrals! 🥰 Thank you 🙏🏻

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