Jen’s Bio

Jen Peters CHHC PhotoUpdated & expanded version coming soon…  😉

Jen Peters holds a BA from Columbia University, an MA from Princeton specializing in Psychology/Neuroplasticity, and a 2nd MA in Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Counseling from Naropa University. Jen served as the Affordable Counseling Intern at Community Holistic Health Center in Lafayette, where she worked with individuals, couples and groups. She teaches yoga at Ashtanga Yoga Denver and is the founder of Jungle Physician LLC, offering interdisciplinary writings, teachings, coaching and counseling in the Denver-Boulder area as well as internationally. After becoming seriously ill from biotoxin exposure several years ago, Jen began to investigate every holistic healing modality she could, and draws on her experience to empower others on their own individual journeys with skill, knowledge and compassion. She implements Eastern and Western approaches and blends the creative and analytic to build a safe and effective space in which to explore what is possible.  For more information, please visit Jen’s CV.


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